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Women’s March Photos

Fuji X100T and the Women’s March on Washington.


It’s Not Anger, It’s Hurt

Do you see that the anger people are expressing over the election is really hurt? Hurt over feeling like their voices are never heard? Hurt by the accusations slung their way (both sides)? Hurt that friends and family can think so little of them based on who they voted for (both sides)?

Tired, Tired and More Tired

I’m tired, you guys. Really f’ing tired.

I’ve been reading FB and Twitter posts and I hear a lot of angry, hurt, scared people wondering what happens next. And I absorb that anger and hurt and fright. I can’t help it, it’s the way my body and brain are wired. I’m learning to balance feeling all the feelings and ignoring everything. It’s hard work but I’m learning.

Tell Your Children This

What do you tell your children this day after the election? You ask them what they are most worried about. Immigrants being deported? The repeal of LGBQT rights? Decreased funding for programs which provide a safety net for the most vulnerable?