Tired, Tired and More Tired


I’m tired, you guys.  Really f’ing tired.

I’ve been reading FB and Twitter posts and I hear a lot of angry, hurt, scared people wondering what happens next. And I absorb that anger and hurt and fright. I can’t help it, it’s the way my body and brain are wired. I’m learning to balance feeling all the feelings and ignoring everything. It’s hard work but I’m learning.

So do me a favor? Be gently with each other. Please. We need people who are angry and riled up and want to rip apart the entire system. We also need the peacekeepers who want to find a way to bridge the seemingly unbridgeable divides in our country. And we need the intellectuals who answer all the feelings and emotions with facts and science and well-thought out, insightful essays.

We need everyone and we need to allow them all to use the voice they have. Angry people? Please don’t assume the peacekeepers are ignoring what’s going on just because they are calling on people to be gentle and kind to each other

Peacekeepers? Please don’t assume the angry people don’t want peace or healing just because they are yelling about what they see and feel.

Please, everyone, try to understand that we all have different reactions and different feelings about everything that is going on. Please respect the other voices – take a moment to breathe in the knowledge we are all on the same side even if the methods we use to express it are different.

We need all the voices, guys. It doesn’t work without them.


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