The Day After

I’m devastated. I’m in shock and watched my 14-year-old burst into tears this morning when I told her the election results.

I hugged her and told her it would be ok…that the president doesn’t have carte blanche to do whatever he wants to do. I told her that this is proof that democracy works and that it sucks to be on the losing side but that from here on out we need to pray that the president is successful because our country needs him to be.

I told her that this is proof that every vote matters. I told her this means that we need to be more active in causes we believe in…that we have the power to make our community better.

I told her that DT will be the president in January and that we need to respect the office of the president.

I told her all these things to comfort her and calm her. And then I realized that they were comforting and calming to me, too.

We’ve got this, America. It’s not the apocalypse. Let your frustration and anger and anxiety push you to volunteer and engage and listen and to do the work required to bridge the divide.


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